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Square log houses and saunas

NormaBrus Co

Basements, complete home packages and much more!

Hight quality lumber

Square logs, laminated logs, nogs, etc.

Great house and sauna plans

Just choose a project and order house or sauna complete package!


Well designed

We design and build a house you want. Our designer staff are experienced professionals that work hard for a great result.

Well done

We produce complete house packages, laminated beams and other industrial wood products on our own equipment. This allows us to improve speed and quality.

High quality

We don’t hire contractors. This allows us complying high quality standards and cutting costs for our customer’s satisfaction.

Cozy houses

Well designed, well done and high quality. Be sure to get a really cozy house for a convenient living!

House plans. Construction service. Square and laminated logs. Complete home packages. Lumber.

NormaBrus is a wooden house construction company from St. Petersburg, Russia. We build homes of square logs, laminated logs and we even make handmade houses of natural logs. We own a sawmill to produce complete home packages, all kind of logs, boards and beams. We also provide a design and planning service, groundwork, furnishing, utility network projects and mounting. Our lumber is produced on a modern automated machinery. It fits all Russian GOST quality standards.

We don’t sell anything through intermediaries. That’s why we provide better prices.

Square log houses and saunas

NormaBrus company offers you a high-quality log house and sauna materials and construction services.

Square log houses

Russia is famous for it’s cold climate. In Siberia it is often below -30 Celsius in winter. So we never build bad and thin-walled houses here! Any of other products is well-done to survive in a harsh enviroment we have. Be sure to get a nice square log house that will be strong enough for anything. It is reliable, durable and healty.

Square log saunas

Square log’s interlocking top and bottom sides make the wall diathermic. We put a special thermal insulation layer into this lock to increase this effect. So the heat just stays inside! Square logs make your sauna quick to heat up and slow to cool down. It is energy-effecient, eco-friendly and it has a perfect look. Enjoy your bathing!