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NormaBrus company produces ready home packages of square or laminated logs. It is a set of materials ready for construction. Every log is cut to it’s size and has a number mark, you just have to put them together to get a house.

What is a complete home kit?

First you need a house plan. You can choose a plan on our website or find or buy a plan elswhere on the web. You can even send us your own house sketch. Then we make a preliminary estimate based on your requirements. After you approve the estimate we create a draft project and lumber cuting scheme. This scheme contains the exact amount of lumber your complete home package requires. We use a special software to reduce the amount of wasted lumber during the cutting process. Then we send an order to our sawmill where computer controlled machines make all logs fit each another. You are welcome to visit our sawmill in St. Petersburg to see how it works, it’s really worth seeing. After all lumber is ready we pack it and send it to you. You also get all necessary documents to easily construct your house out of our package.

Your complete home package price depends on project your choose or a sketch your make.

Lock cutting price for a complete home package:

Cutting locks for a house: 36.70 € per cubic meter, for 100×150 mm logs – 66.00 € per cubic meter

Laminated log home package cost: 366.70 € per cubic meter (this price includes logs cost)

Lock cutting price includes cutting logs to a size of your house plan and making locks on every log’s ends.

House assembly service prices

Our assembly service price for a complete house kit is 49.90 € per cubic meter (laminated log houses – 58.70 € per cubic meter). Price includes putting all gaskets and wooden nogs your project requires.

Please send your plans and sketches to info@normabrus.ru

You can order a log cutting and lock cutting projects separately from any other service or product.

Lock cutting project contains 3 chapters: design chapter, cutting instructions chapter and assembly instructions chapter.

Lock cutting project cost is 2.20 € per square meter of a house’s inner square. Project is free if you order a construction service in our company.

Video: lock cutting on our sawmill

What kind of a complete home package can we offer?

  • wall construction kit (a preciese kit of logs ready for comstruction)
  • all beams and bars required for roof and floors
  • all roofing products (sheathing, OSB, all kinds of roofing materials, metalwork, steam, heat and hydro insulating materials)
  • plastic windows, doors
  • interlog gaskets, nogs and all hardware necessary for construction
Flax, nogs and metalware

New product: synthetic interlog gasket

  • Completely fills all interlog slot and blocks the wind perfectly
  • Fills the slot uder log’s pressure and extends during house shrinkage
  • Doesn’t absorb water
  • Resists fungus

We offer you everything you need to build a nice house: metalware, roofing, log kits that require assembly only. We also offer all kinds of service: assembly service, groundwork, finishing, utility networks projects and mounting.

New service: professional lumber antiseptic treatment

Read more about antiseptic treatment

Antiseptic treatment advantages:

  • Every bar, beam and log is completely dipped into antiseptic and is fully protected
  • No fungus, insect or bacteria can harm your house
  • Log cracking is reduced due to slower drying
  • Your lumber is well protected during storage and delivery

How is your house kit treated?

  • Every log is covered by colorless antiseptic liquid. This service costs 7.30 € per cubic meter.
  • Every log’s lock is covered with special Teknol JRM liquid (by Teknos company). It sealss wood’s pores making this most vulnerable part of a log heavily resistaant to fungus. This service costs 14.60 € per cubic meter (price includes liquid cost).