We produce:

Square logs

High-quality logs of pine and spruce wood. Lots of shapes and sizes.

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Laminated logs and beams

Lamination technology makes lumber strong, durable and more fireproof.

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Trimmed lumber

Bars, panels and other lumber for finishing.

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Complete home packages

Sets of lumber and other necessary products that needs assembly only. A complete house delivered in a box.

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Handcrafted log homes

A construction technology appproved by thousands of years. Nice looking and durable homes.

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Faux logs and bars

Faux logs for house exterior finishing.

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About our products

NormaBrus company produces a wide range of high-quality logs, laminated logs, bars and beams of coniferous trees wood. Some of our lumber products are green wood, some are klin-dried to 18-20% moisture content. We produce lumber of both standard and unique shapes and sizes.

Our lumber products are known for high quality (no cracks and ather defects) and prescision. We offer you a fair price because we don’t work with intermediaries and sell our lumber directly to customers.

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