NormaBrus company offers you handcrafted log homes. Our experience guaranties you get a cozy and high-quality house.

We build handcrafted houses since 2006.

За это время были отлажены все процессы рубки этих уникальных домов, имеющих неповторимый климат и колорит русской души. Наличие постоянных поставщиков леса и профессиональных рубщиков позволяет делать качественные, теплые рубленые дома. The time we had to practice gave us an experience in building those classic Russian houses. Direct supply of fresh high-quality wood and professional cutters team allow us to construct warm and durable homes.

Our sawmill and office are located in Saint Petersburg, not far away from the city center.

We are a public company so you can just come to our sawmill whenever you like and see how your house is made. We don’t have any secrets to conceal.

All prices for handcrafted log houses are calculated individually depending on house plans and wood type. You can send your house plans (or even sketches) to mailbox.

Finding an experienced construction company is always a problem. The other problem is finding or ordering a good house plan.

But we can find a solution for both of your problems. Contact us to:
– get help in choosing or creating a house plan;
– get a high quality house built to last for decades and even ages.

Our handcrafted log construction experience is appreciated by orthodox church: we built a classic wooden church in Staraya Russa town (Novgorodskaya oblast region of Russia).

Houses crafted by hand

Handcrafted log homes are warm and eco-friendly. They save all wood’s natural qualities. Thanks to minimal and hand processing they save all diathermic qualities and nise natural wood texture.

Our handcrafted log home construction experience allows you to implement any plan you have. Whatever you want to build, be sure to get it at Normabrus company!


рубка в косую лапу

Dovetail notch

This shape is actually a beveled trapezium. It is known as a “dove tail” because it’s shape resembles a bird tail. This technology saves a lot of wood because the notch is made exactly at the end of a log, no pass is left. A corner is usually covered by decorative bars wich protect it from rain and wind.

Advanced saddle notch

This is a popular in Russia notch tech (it is known as Siberian notch here). A notch has a pin in it. This stiffens the wall and improves wind resistance wich is very important in cold enviroments.

рубка в курдюк
канадская рубка

Canadian notch

This notch type has much in common with saddle notch, but the saddle here is trapezoidal. This technology’s greatest advantage is behavior during house shrinkage: this noch is compression-fit. It is also highly diathermic and wind-resistant.

Scandinavian notch

This technology is quite similar to Canadian notch, but the log is clipped. The walls are flat, the inner space visually increases. Log diameter should be at least 28 cm wide to build a warm house.

норвежская рубка

NomaBrus companies experience in planning and building handcrafted log homes is a result of many years of practice. Our knowledge of wooden house technologies guaranties the quality and coziness of the house you get. We are ready to offer you any service in handcrafted log home construction: from planning and blueprints to shipping a complete disassembled house to you.