We offer a professional antiseptic treatment for complete home kits and other lumber you order.

Atiseptic treatment has the following pluses:
  1. Every log’s and board’s side and both ends are treated, so your house is treated completely.
  2. Antiseptic treatment stops fungus and wood decay due to bacterial activity.
  3. Wood runs dry slower, this decreases possibility of cracks.
  4. Your house kit is safe during delivery and construction.

1. Every log is covered by special antiseptic liquid right as it leaves the milling machine.

This tratment’s price is 7.40 € per m3

2. We also offer antiseptic treatment by dipping. A pack of lumber is dipped into a special tank with HMBB antiseptic liquid for 10 minutes. This guarantees a deep treatment and high rpotection.

This tratment’s price is 22 € per m3

3. Every log is covered by Teknol JRM liquid. Teknol forms an elastic waterproof skin around the wood. It is very resistant to rain and sun and it decreases a chanse of cracking greatly.

This tratment’s price is 7.40 € per m3

4. Facade and other visible elements protection

Years of experience and research show that maximum wood durability is achieved when it is painted with several layers of paint. This technique has the following steps:

  • An initial treatment with antiseptic liquids to prevent wood going blue of fungus or rotting is first to be done.
  • A moisture insulating ends treatment is done next. A special liquid helps to keep moisture balance and prevents cracking.
  • Special liquid priming is put then. It goes deep inside the wood’s pores and is very adhesive for paint.
  • Finally, the wood is painted (once or twice) by modern durable paint.
Teknos protection systems

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