We build basements

Basement is an important and complicated part of your house

Most of our clients don’t understand a real importance of basements. We have a bit higher prices than other construction companies, but this is due to high-tech equipment and materials we use. Sometimes clients sign contracts with other companies or even make basements by hand themselves. Of course, such basements lack quality and things your eye can’t see are often done badly.

We often see how technology violations cause need in additional works to fix basements. This alters a total price by 30-80%. So in the end client gets an expensive and poor quality basement.

We never insist that you order a basement at our company, but if you decide to make a basement by yourself you should know and follow all of the standards, because:

  1. You build a house to last for many years
  2. Basement decay begins in several years after construction

We kindly ask you to follow those standarts to get an acceptable quality basement:

1. Use M-300(B22,5) or better cement. Buy it in a large company.

2. Never weld the steel reinforcements.

3. Never use vertical reinforcement bars, put them horizontally only.

4. Reinforcement bars should not touck ground or form.

5. Put in all the cement at once.

6. Usage of cement vibrating machine is obligatory.

Remember, after you pour in the cement, you will never see the reinforcements again. You can easily replace window or roofing, but replacing a basement costs a pretty penny.

Have a good luck and build a nice basement!

NormaBrus company specialises in several basement construction technologies:

Screw pile foundation

Quick, durable and cheap basement. It is used at inclined grounds with a big height differencz in the ends of a house (on the hill sides, etc). It is best to be used with metal tube grillage to support a house.

Column foundation

This technology has the same price and quality like screw pile foundation. It takes a bit more time to construct. Columns perfectly combine with strip footing.

Strip footing

This is a most popular and widely used basement technology. It is good for all types of wooden houses. It can be used on flat ground with zero or little inclination. Strip footing becomes relatively cheaper when the house becomes bigger. So if you build a big house – this will be the cheapest solution available.

Slab foundation

A big monolith slab is a great basement for any house. It perfectly spreads the weight of a house to all of it’s surface. It is one of the most expensive basement types, but you can save later on waterproofing the basement floor, mounting warm floor systems, etc.

Combined foundations

Used in difficult terrain conditions: when you need a basement floor to be made, when the site is seasonally flooded, when the ground is inclined significantly.

Basement construction technology

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Steel reinforcement

Cement filling

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