Square log houses and saunas construction

We build square log complete homes and saunas. Construction service is one of our major businesses. our company offers a full cycle of construction work: from making a sketch and cutting lumber to finishing and painting your house. We have a large experience. It guarantees high speed and quality of our service. We work with any house plans, no matter whether we create them or not.

NormaBrus company specializes at wooden house construction for more then a decade. We build:

Square log homes

Square log offers you a reasonable price, eco-friendliness, high diathermic qualities and a unique microclimate you can find only in a wooden house. Klin-dried square log houses are a good option, they are a bit more expensive then green wood log houses but they are more popular among our clients. This is because you can start living in a klin-dried wood house right after you finish it, no waiting for shrinkage is necessary.

стриотельство домов из профилированного бруса
строительство бань из профилированного бруса

Square log saunas

Square klin-dried log is perfect for saunas. You just build it and start using it right away, there is a minimal shrinkage so you don’t have to wait for it to shrink down. The surface is smooth so there is a little sence in other finish except painting the wall. Klin-dried log sauna’s price is higher then green wood log sauna’s price. But higher durability and lack of shrinkage compensates it. So it’s your choice: build a sauna and start using it the next day or wait 6 month until green wood shrinks down. Contact us to order a klin-dried square log sauna!

Laminated log

Laminated log is a hi-tech material. It has a smooth surface (requires no finishing), minimal shrinkage and (you can start living in your new house right away), preciese geometry. And, of course, your house will have all merits that a real wooden house has.

дом из клееного бруса
дома ручной рубки

Handcrafted log homes

Handcrafted log homes are Russian classic homes. They have a unique look. Plus they are warm, eco-friendly, durable and energy-effecient.

Klin-dried log houses and saunas merits

Klin-dried square log homes and saunas have several merits we should mention once again:

Klin-dried square log house shrinks less then green wood square log house.
You can start finishing, painting and furnishing your house right after it is built.
Klin-dried square log wall’s surface is smoother than green wood log wall. Plus, it is less prone to cracking.
You can start living in a klin-dried square log house right after it was constructed.

Green wood square log homes and saumas merits:

Green wood log is cheaper. The difference between klin-dried square log hoime and green wood square log home can reach 20%. This is a significant money.
There is always a plenty of ready green wood square logs sitting in our storage. You can order it right away and get any amount of it. No waiting for klin-drying is necessary.

You can also order construction service at NormaBrus company

  • Landscaping
  • Utility networks planning and mounting: cables, electricity, water, sewage and septic tanks
  • Fundaments of all types (screw pile, strip footing, fundaments with cellars, monolith grillage, grillage with columns)
  • Handcrafted log buildings construction
  • Complete house package assembly service
  • Log’s notch diathermic assembly
  • Roofing service (we use any material you choose: metal tiles, onduline, soft tiles, clay tiles)
  • All types of finishing

We also sell REHAU plastic windows and RUFLEX soft roofing tiles